Hi, I’m Robin

I’m an international strategist and data scientist. Which really means – I love helping companies achieve their goals by finding new answers.

Sometimes the right answer is the right data at the right time. Sometimes the right answer is improving a team’s skills and processes.

To know the difference takes a lot of conversation and just the right insight.

Robin is one of the most talented consultants I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

Jill Quick
Dominic Woodman, founder of Piped Out
SEO data warehouse company

His inquisitive mind and problem-solving approach are second to none. He’s the kind of person you want on your team when things get tough.

Jill Quick
Jill Quick, Analytics Consultant and Trainer, Founder of the Colouring In Department

One of those incredibly rare people that combines the technical understanding and rigour of a data scientist or developer, with the strategic, commercial, & communication skills of a business leader. 10/10 would work with again.

Tom Capper
Tom Capper, Senior Search Scientist, Moz

Robin’s approach to problem solving is fantastic. One of the smartest people around, but as he’s far too modest to tell you that, I’ll do it for him.

Andi Jarvis
Andi Jarvis, Strategy Director, Eximo Marketing

Some things I can help you with

Figuring out the problem

If you don’t know what you need yet – that’s fine!

A lot of my career, whether in sales, training, or consulting, has been helping people figure out what the main issues are and how to fix them.

The other tabs list my areas of specialism, but I’m also quite comfortable recommending other smart people for things that I don’t do!

Marketing strategy

As well as my experience in planning cross-channel strategy, my technical knowledge and expertise in measurement, I’ve worked hands-on in most marketing channels

From the fundamental team and skills required, to strategic principles in most digital mediums. I can help you understand which platforms and countries to prioritise, what’s working hardest for you, and how much you should actually trust your attribution models.

Data science

I can help if you need:

Dashboards and analyses which surface the most crucial insights.

Pipelines that can extract, transform, and load huge amounts of data

Machine Learning for complex impact analysis, data categorisation or insights

Private tools with a nice UX that your team can use (everything from huge production-ready apps, to Google Sheets that make you think “oh, I didn’t know they could do that.”)

Web & analytics optimisation

Need someone to take a hard look at your website and spot performance flaws, analytics gaps, or opportunities for efficiency? I can help with;

Opportunity and risk analysis

Structure and content strategy

Traffic or revenue drop analysis

Analytics and Tag Manager setup, spotting missed or double-counted data

CRO, advanced technical SEO & logfile analysis

Keynote talks & training

From conference sessions of 2,000, to training groups of 10 – I love breaking down complex information into sessions that are fun and easy to absorb.

I’ve also produced online resources, like my in-depth Python 102 course, Slash Escape (my ReGex learning game) and Lost at SQL (my SQL learning game)

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