Speaking and Training

Conference Talks

I have presented and MCd at conferences from 50 attendees to 2000, achieving top ratings alongside some of the strongest speakers in marketing.

One of my all time favourite talks of, dare I say, the last 10 years.

Brit Muller
Britt Muller, Mozcon MC describing this keynote
to over 1K attendees

In-person training

I have been training classes for six years – recently my most regular training slot is my Python for SEO course with BrightonSEO. We’ve had more than 100 happy attendees to date.

On-demand training

If you’re brand new to Python, check out the “In-person training” section above for my Python for SEO Data Analysis course.

For those who already know the basics – step up your Python to the next level by learning how to scrape the web, use Machine Learning tools, and automatically generate reports for colleagues.

Learning games

Lost At SQL is an engaging story-based SQL learning game which takes you from absolute basics all the way to advanced multi-stage SQL queries.

Use story mode for the in-depth tutorials or challenge mode to test your skills against players from around the globe.

More and more tools are incorporating Regular Expressions as a way to supercharge their search for smart users.

Play Slash\Escape, the world’s first slasher-themed ReGex learning game, to learn everything you could need to know about ReGex.

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